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We invest where advanced technology and AI-powered solutions drive business and community impact. As our founders strive to change the healthcare landscape, we use our decades of industry experience and goodwill to help propel them forward.


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Curie Healthcare


Curie is an AI-driven platform that monitors breathing patterns to track respiratory conditions and provide early detection of deterioration. Currently in use by multiple health systems, its proprietary ambient audio sensing platform functions across devices and offers a contactless and high-adherence remote patient monitoring solution for those suffering from chronic respiratory concerns.

Epinoma Logo


Epinoma is a biotechnology company pushing the boundaries of protein engineering and taking a multi-omics approach to cancer monitoring. Epinoma’s innovative platform will first use epigenetics to improve the performance of liquid biopsies, and ultimately develop epigenetic medicines that are safer and more effective for patients.

Zeit Medical logo
GritWell Logo


GritWell is an AI-driven virtual care platform allowing providers to deliver a new standard of chronic care by integrating the latest advances in testing, nutrition, and nutraceuticals. Focusing on those looking to optimize their health or eliminate chronic symptoms, GritWell triages patients to the right level of care, aiming to target the root cause of these symptoms and address the full spectrum of modern health needs.

Heading Health Logo

Heading Health

Heading Health is a technology-enabled mental health platform improving access to high-quality and affordable care. Heading delivers personalized treatment solutions that leverage evidence-based therapeutics and technologies such as Spravato®, transcranial magnetic stimulation, telepsychiatry, and intramuscular ketamine.

Feel Therapeutics logo

Feel Therapeutics

Feel Therapeutics is a platform bringing objective measurement to mental healthcare, which has long been dependent on qualitative assessments and subjective measures of mental wellbeing. Feel develops unique biomarkers and digital therapeutics to change the way we diagnose, manage, and care for mental health.



Vessel is an at-home testing and coaching platform designed to help consumers understand why they feel the way they feel. Vessel tests across over a dozen metrics from nutrition, hydration and toxins to vitamin deficiencies and stress levels to help users discover and track what they need to feel their best.



Strive is a data-driven platform proven to optimize muscle performance for elite athletes and teams. Through proprietary algorithms and sensors that seamlessly integrate into any compression clothing, it provides the most complete, accurate and actionable data for athletes and individuals to achieve peak physical performance.


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